When looking to purchase a home, there are many details to take into consideration. Many people look at the location, features of the home, and, most importantly, the price. While the initial purchase is important, many people overlook and do not consider the property taxes that will continue to be collected year after year. Property… Read More

Key differences in holding a real estate in a partnership vs an s-corporation (s-corp) is noted when the real estate is sold or inherited, and gain is recognizable or deferrable. Gain on Sale of business or real estate: In an s-corp when the business along with the real estate is sold, or the real estate… Read More

Real Estate rental income is earned when a real estate is leased for rental income generation. Rental income generally is treated as unearned or passive income for income tax purposes. Rental income is reported on Schedule E for individual and Form 8832 for partnerships and S-Corps. For rent to be treated as earned income, service… Read More